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Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is the star of all the herbs!  Boasting dozens of health benefits from treating headaches and insomnia to enhancing moods and repelling mosquitoes, this is definitely nature’s wonder plant!

Lavender is best known for its relaxing effects.  It has been used for centuries in various forms of aromatherapy.  It is known to bring a sense of balance and calmness to one’s mind and body.  Breathing it can reduce anxiety, lift one’s mood, and quickly and safely bring about relaxation so sleep comes naturally.  Both simple headaches and migraines are often treated with lavender.  Research has also confirmed its effectiveness in treating hypertension and depression.  Recent studies have noted lavender may also be a helpful relaxant for those who suffer from ADHD.

The essential oil of lavender is an important ingredient in skin care products.  This valued oil has an excellent antioxidant property which makes it an important inhibitor of the singlet oxygen, which causes damage to the skin in the presence of UVB or UVA radiations.  This suggests using lavender oil on a regular basis will help suppress the aging effect of the sunlight on your skin. The ability of lavender oil to fight against free radicals makes it very helpful in protecting skin from some degenerative conditions such as skin cancer.  Lavender also aids in reducing wrinkles and is effective in the treatment of skin rashes such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.  Acne, dry and chapped skin have all been effectively treated with lavender oil.

The essential oil of lavender is used as a natural pain reliever and antiseptic.  Bee stings, insect bites, burns, and cuts can all be effectively treated with lavender.  It can relieve pain from muscular aches, sprains, rheumatism and backache and is sometimes applied after a major surgery.  Hospitals in the US are recognizing the benefits of lavender and other essential oils and are implementing them in many medical settings.

With all these benefits and many more, lavender has proven to be an outstanding value to the everyday lives of many.  Using this natural herb can bring healing and enhancement in multiple areas of our lives.