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About us

A series of events led us to this place of discovering lavender and its multitude of benefits and being the owners of a small Virginia Lavender Farm. 

We had already purchased our “dream cottage” overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Patrick County.   The large mass of green grass behind the house beckoned for something worthy to be planted.  But, at that time we didn’t know anything about lavender, except it was a pretty plant with a nice smell.

Prior to purchasing the mountain property, Debbie had been enduring various skin irritations.  Even after seeing several dermatologists, the conditions persisted and even got worse.  She tried treatment after treatment with zero success and became increasingly more interested in natural skin care products.  Researching eventually led her and Ronnie to learn about the benefits of lavender. More exploring and prayer led to the decision to start Joy Lavender Farm.

We now live happily on our small farm with our son, Aaron.  Our daughter, Anna Beth recently got married and left our nest.  While our children helped us with the immense work to get our farm started, they currently have other pursuits.

The objectives for our business are few, but very important to us.  First, as followers of Christ we desire for God to use us and the resources He gives us for His glory.  We are committed to growing our lavender plants as organically as possible while remaining a sustainable farm.  We are committed to making quality products which are natural and safe.

The name Joy Lavender fits our farm.  The smell of lavender is uplifting.  It brings joy and compliments our joy in Christ.  We hope you will receive joy as you discover lavender and all its wonders.  But don’t keep it to yourself…share the joy!