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Living passionately

Have you ever found yourself simply "going through the motions?" I think we've probably all been there at one time or another. Not very exciting.Being able to live life passionately is an antidote to the negative and debilitating ruts we can find ourselves in. Passion invigorates and brings freshness through even the simple things in life. It helps us be willing to try new adventures, even though they can be a little scary. When we try new things passion keeps us going through the mistakes, encouraging us to refuse to give up. Then when successes occur we are inspired to...

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First post

So today this website goes online...we hope.  It has been such an adventure getting to this point! We have shared pictures of our growing plants, the harvest, and the resulting products. Maybe one day we will also share pics of us really getting our hands dirty...plowing, raking, planting, laying landscaping fabric, and putting in an irrigation system. We don't have a picture of one of the biggest challenges..our family putting row cover over those precious plants to keep them from freezing...with the wind gusts at 40 mph!  We sure have made a lot of!Stepping out in faith and doing something...

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