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Seasonal Changes

Virginia Lavender Farm

While rich fall colors are slowly emerging outside our windows, we are busy with the changes this season brings.  We will definitely be welcoming the cooler temperatures as we try to finish up some planting and pruning.  Here’s a bit of what’s been going on and what’s coming up...

The lavender has thrived during our end of the summer drought.  We have delayed our pruning this year and the bees and butterflies have thoroughly enjoyed feasting on our flowers.   But…the shears must come out soon and give our shrubs a well rounded cut so they will recover before freezing temperatures come.  Lack of pruning will lead to woody and less healthy plants.  Thankfully, first year plants don’t need to be pruned so that will be a time saver. 

I’ve mentioned before that we lost quite a few plants last year due to excessive rain.  We are gradually converting the affected field over to raised beds.  This will be a process, but our goal is to replant a couple of rows in the next few weeks with plants we propogated this past spring.

Meanwhile, we have been debudding, cleaning and making sachets and eyepillows with our harvest that have been drying in bundles. Also, we recently made several batches of soap that are curing on wire racks.  Other products have been made as well as we try to keep up with our customers wants and prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  We will be vendors at the the  Apple Dumpling Festival in downtown Stuart on October 19.  Hope many of you can come!  It’s always fun! 

Hopefully, most of our necessary garden work will be finished by the middle of October as Ronnie is scheduled for knee replacement soon after that.  Your thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery and speedy healing are appreciated.  We have an exciting winter project to begin after his recovery.  We will keep you posted!

We’ve been blessed with a great lavender harvest again this year and are so thankful!  We’re even more grateful for the joys we experience in our lives through our loving relationship with one another and our family, friends, and all of you who are so encouraging and supportive. It’s always a blessing to hear from you.  We wish you a JOYFUL October!!

Ronnie and Debbie



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