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Patrick County

Sometimes it takes a while before you land where you feel like you belonged all along. That's the way it was for us. After living in much bigger cities our hearts yearned to find somewhere that was simpler, kinder, quaint and definitely with a mountain view. Patrick County has provided all that and more.

The natural beauty here is spectacular. Mountains stand strong in their splendor drawing our gazes upward. Their powerful presence provides a sense of safety. Rolling hills dotted with picturesque churches and rustic barns add to the tranquillity. The sky seems almost reachable; the clouds hover closer. The star-studded night is more brilliant and the sound of the whippoorwill more pronounced. The surrounding beauty and slower pace seems to heighten our senses.

The town of Stuart overflows with southern charm that beckons us to slow down and stroll it's streets. The church bells ring joyfully. The farmer's market boast beautiful bounty and friendly chatter. Restaurants offer generous and delicious portions. From uptown to downtown there are quaint shops to explore.

The people in Patrick County are some of the friendliest we've met anywhere. Strangers wave when they pass by. Small business owners go over and beyond expectations.  Neighbors help one another. There's a strong sense of community.

We fell in love with the simplistic beauty and the kind people of Patrick County. This corner of the world is unique and special. It's a little slice of heaven nestled in the mountains of Virginia. We're thankful to call it home.

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  • Janie Killian on

    I love reading about your new farm & place you’re living…sounds so peaceful & away from all the hustle & bustle of big cities! Not that High Point or Archdale/Trinity is big but it does get busy with traffic, etc. Your place sounds & looks like such a beautiful way to live. So happy for you! And can’t wait to try your products.

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