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Living passionately

Have you ever found yourself simply "going through the motions?" I think we've probably all been there at one time or another. Not very exciting.

Being able to live life passionately is an antidote to the negative and debilitating ruts we can find ourselves in. Passion invigorates and brings freshness through even the simple things in life. It helps us be willing to try new adventures, even though they can be a little scary. When we try new things passion keeps us going through the mistakes, encouraging us to refuse to give up. Then when successes occur we are inspired to greater things.

Creativity is a by-product of passion. The determination to be our best in whatever our endeavor is requires creativity to overcome the obstacles that are always there. It stretches us and in turn gives us confidence. It certainly requires hard work, but it is worth it. Passion brings inspiration. Not only for us, but many times for those around us.

God is so good. One of His gifts to us is the herb lavender. It is simple and natural and refreshing. Sound familiar? It has become part of living life passionately for us. How do you live life passionately?

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