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Joy in the Rain

Last week we had several days of rain. I know rain is good for our lavender...but not too much rain.

Friday morning we woke up to more rain and so much fog we couldn't see the mountains. We decided to by-pass the farmer's market since there wouldn't be many people out in that kind of weather.

Feeling a little bummed out...because I am a sunshine girl, I reluctantly began working on some inside projects.

After a while, I realized my mood had completely shifted. In fact, I was feeling very happy and contented. There are several ways to improve our moods, but the ones I used unintentionally that morning are worth mentioning and repeating.

I had spent the last few hours creating in the kitchen. Did you know having a creative outlet is healthy? Focusing on a creation distracts from the stresses in our lives. Using our minds and hands to create is uplifting.

Specifically, I was creating lavender products so I was breathing in the happy, calming herb all that time. Did you know smell is our strongest sense? 

Our favorite Matt Redman CD was playing as I worked on my projects. Listening to uplifting music raises our spirits.  I believe singing along only magnifies that.

Looking back, I realized there was a triple-mood-lifting effect going on with most of my senses involved. It worked!

We all get down at times. Whether it's a huge disappointment or simply a dreary day, taking a few simple steps can make a difference. Activate our creativity. Breathe in relaxing scents. Listen to uplifting music.  This is a winning combination. I highly recommend it!

Wishing you all joy in the rain...

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  • Patricia Hall on

    Thanks for sharing your heart. It blessed mine!

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