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Joy in Giving

Last week a dear friend of ours passed away. There are many wonderful things we could say about Jack, but much of it can be summed up in two simple words. He gave. We were often on the receiving end of the generosity of Jack and his wife Wanda. They loved us and looked for ways to show strings attached.

Through the years we have known a handful of other people who had the gift of giving. When we were poor newlyweds, a dear soul left us a twenty dollar bill most Sundays at the church where we served. We never learned who our benefactor was, but we never forgot their generosity. Their gifts helped buy our groceries and grow our faith.

Those who have given to us have inspired us to be more intentional about our giving. We were even challenged by Jack's family at his passing..."In lieu of flowers please demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, feed your local homeless person and pray for our country." What a beautiful sentiment!

Have you ever seen an opportunity to give but didn't have the resources available? We sure have! Our new plan is to add a line item to our budget so we will have that extra bill on us earmarked for spontaneous giving. The possibilities are endless... taking a friend to lunch, buying groceries for the needy, leaving an extra tip, a timely surprise gift, an anonymous $20... It doesn't have to be expensive to make a world of difference.

Recently, a potential customer who was considering buying a Joy Bucket said, "I really wish I had someone to give a gift to, but I don't think I do till Christmas." The quick-witted vendor next to me piped up, " I'll solve that problem for you. You can buy it for me!" We all laughed. But, that's often the way we think, isn't it? There has to be a holiday or an occasion to give.

People in our world need uplifting...every day. Plan ahead and look for the opportunities all around you! It's a win-win! As we give to others, we are uplifted ourselves. Jack was an optimistic guy who usually wore a smile. We think we know why😊

Wishing you all joy in giving...

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  • Debbie Brown on

    Thank you, Wanda, for demonstrating the love of Christ to us and many others…

  • Wanda Armstrong on

    Debbie, Thanks again for sharing how Jack loved to give. It was demonstrated for both of us as we grew up. Our mothers were always giving. They were great role models.

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