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Winter Light

While the dead of winter isn’t the busiest time on a lavender farm, there are still things going on… even in January. 
We took a chance when we planted new cuttings in the garden in late October, knowing that decision would bring extra work over the winter.  Every time the temperature has dipped to freezing we’ve diligently protected these tender shoots with row cover. It’s been on and off with the covering several times.  Though we’ve lost a few, we’re hopeful the plants that have survived so far will be bearing new growth in the Spring.
Meanwhile, we have 55 cuttings that are flourishing in cups under a light in our basement. We're very happy about these! They don’t require a lot of effort at this point.  We turn the light on about 8 hours a day and give them a good watering at least once a week.  We’ve given their tops a trim as they started getting spindly reaching toward the light.  We’re even trying to root a few new cuttings in water just to see what happens. It will be exciting to plant all these in the garden when the danger of frost is over!  

Without so many outside chores, winter has also been a great time to work on making products.  We’ve added a few new items to our line…candles, body oil, lip balm, mini lotion, and a new joy bucket.  We are happy with the results of these products which we’ve been working on for a while now.  If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check them out on this website.

While we've moved forward in many areas this month, we've held back in others. As Christmas dashed by, it left us feeling a little more sentimental celebrating with those we love the most. A part of us longed to hang on to it.  It’s cheer. It’s warmth. The most wonderful time of the year. This year, it seemed even more so. 

When visiting my precious Mama in the nursing home right after the holidays, she wanted me to take down her decorations. I tried to convince her to leave the tree up for a little while longer since I knew she had enjoyed gazing at the lights.  But, she insisted the tree be taken away because, “everybody else had taken theirs down.”  I sadly obliged, hating to remove anything that might give her joy.

As I later put away my own Christmas décor, I found myself resisting taking my tree down this season.  For the first time in a while, we had a small artificial tree that wasn’t in the way. We had put it up later than usual and I still enjoyed it being there with its soft lights and ornaments collected over the years. As the New Year came and went, the tree continued to glow. 

On the 9th  of the month, my dear Aunt Gerrie unexpectedly passed away. The tree then became more. A symbol of the joyous Christmas we had so recently celebrated with her in our presence, not knowing we would lose her so soon. The dark and sad days of this month were somehow lifted by the light of the little tree. 

The calendar dictates much of our lives to us.  We schedule.  Make lists. Plan. Move forward. Those are good things. But, we also need to listen to our hearts. Carve out times of reflection. Slow down. Take time to grieve. Meditate. Pray. 

There’s nothing magical about the Christmas tree that is still up in our living room.  It’s just something I needed during this season. When we listen to our hearts, we’re open to doing things differently. And that’s okay.  It’s a little thing. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to linger just a bit longer in the warmth of a season that we’re just not quite ready to leave.  Life isn’t always about hurrying to the next thing.  The calendar may tell us it’s time to move on, but it’s not healthy to ignore the cry of our souls to slow down.  

Wishing you all warmth and light in the season you’re in…

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  • Debbie on

    Thank you, Cindy! Miss you as well. Love and blessings, friend!

  • Debbie on

    Thank you, Janie! The year round tree is a wonderful idea! I think we’re drawn to light and uplifted by it…just like plants. So glad your recipients enjoyed their gifts! Love you!

  • Janie Killian on

    What a wonderful post…as always. So sorry you lost your Aunt Gerrie…never a good time for that but seems especially sad during the holiday season. Here’s a thought you might want to share with your sweet Mama and for you too…I bought a 7 ft. potted Christmas tree the year I lost David & I leave it up all the time. After Christmas it’s my Snow tree with all snowflakes, hearts for Valentines, shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day, eggs & bunnies & crosses for Easter, beautiful flowers for Spring, flags for July 4th…and on thru the year until we’re back to Christmas. Tree looks pretty & is inspiration all year. I call it David’s Tree! And you have yummy lavender you can use on one! Just something I wanted to do & it’s worked so well to see the warm glow from the lights year round! Helps me reflect on my blessings everyday! Love you guys. Oh the Joy tins for Christmas gifts were a true hit with those I gave them too. Thank you.

  • Cindy on

    I always,enjoy reading your messages/postings. They are always so uplifting. I sure miss yall but I also know GOD has HIS own plans for all of us. I continue to pray for the Brown family. Sending ChristIan live to each o for you.

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