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So today this website goes online...we hope.  It has been such an adventure getting to this point! We have shared pictures of our growing plants, the harvest, and the resulting products. Maybe one day we will also share pics of us really getting our hands dirty...plowing, raking, planting, laying landscaping fabric, and putting in an irrigation system. We don't have a picture of one of the biggest challenges..our family putting row cover over those precious plants to keep them from freezing...with the wind gusts at 40 mph!  We sure have made a lot of!

Stepping out in faith and doing something outside your original blueprint can be scary, but being stretched and learning and doing new things is rewarding. Our farm is small and our lavender is just in it's second season but it yielded...and continues to yield more harvest than we ever imagined. The products we have been able to develop are also better than we had even hoped for. We love them and use them ourselves everyday!

As you browse through this website and our Facebook page we hope you will see a glimpse of how God provides. His creation is absolutely stunning! Various plants and herbs are uniquely created for our benefit. They are not here by accident. Sometimes our lavender appears to be dancing in the breeze. We're reminded of this verse in Psalm 96:12...

Let the field be joyful and all that is in it.  Then all the trees of the woods will rejoice before the Lord.

 We too rejoice!

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