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First Anniversary

This coming week marks our first anniversary in starting Joy Lavender Farm. It's been a year packed with activity. We stand amazed as we remember all the work accomplished...the people involved....the lessons learned. We rejoice because of all of these! Our hearts are grateful.

We began with a large grassy slope and a vision. But no tractor. Our new neighbor just happened to have a tractor which he loved to use. It was a perfect match! Another neighbor joined in with his tractor and larger blade. Amazing! This was just the beginning of our journey. There were to be many obstacles along the way. But for every one, God had an "angel" waiting in the wings.

Hard work is a prerequisite to reaching a dream. Most of the labor was done by the two of us. We are stronger together. We already knew this, but it was definitely reinforced to us this year. The time spent working side by side was special. We learned to slow down a bit and enjoy the moments. Exploring something new adds a fresh vitality to life. A breath of lavender eases the mind and soul.

Often things don't go as planned. Sometimes we have to experience the no's to make room for the yes's. There are bumps in the road. Recently several of our beautiful plants suddenly died. So very disappointing! We made a trip this past weekend to meet with an expert in our field. The advice we were given requires us to make some changes. This is a journey we're on...always learning and trying to improve. Life is like that too. We learn, make adjustments and keep moving forward. Never give up.

This year we have regularly received encouragement from our friends, family, and customers. Thank all of you who have spread the word of our business, purchased our products, and offered kind words. You're the best! We appreciate you!! Helping people and giving more are key reasons we started our business. You're at the core of what we do.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate! We plan to do just that and take some time off later this month. Yay! We also wanted to include you in our celebration with a Giveaway! See our Facebook post for details. Thank you again for being part of our journey!

Wishing you all joy in the moments...

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  • Debbie on

    Thanks Kerri!!

  • Kerri - New River Nature on

    Congrats on your first anniversary! Wishing you many many more!

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