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Growing in 2018

Looking back on our year as a whole makes us pause and reflect on the lessons learned. Before turning to our next chapter in 2019 we want to share a bit about what we've been through the past 12 months.

This lavender journey we’re on continues to surprise us…challenge us… teach us and sometimes exhaust us.  The huge amount of rain we received early in the year and then throughout the following months put a major hurt on our plants.  We lost most of our main field due to root rot.  So what to do??  We could have said, “I quit!”  And honestly, some days that was our leaning.  But something deep inside wouldn’t let us throw in the towel. 

So, we started a few new patches of lavender in other areas of our property as we watched our main field slowly wither away.  It was a good choice.  Seeing something growing always lifts the spirits.  The new plants are thriving and we have high hopes they will continue to grow in their well-drained raised beds. 

We truly don’t want to depress you but the root rot issue was a small challenge compared to the health issues we faced the last few months. Our quiet world was majorly shook up with the unexpected.

Life doesn't always look like we thought it would. But it's those curves and twists that add richness to our souls. Without them we would be lacking in empathy, perspective and so much more.

So we're thankful for all our days in 2018. God was faithful as always.  He specializes in working all things together for good as we love and trust Him.

We were recently having dinner with some dear old friends.  One of them told us of the difficulties of their year and ended with, “ I believe things turned out like they were supposed I’m not really worried about it.”   Such a sweet peaceful thought. Acceptance and gratitude go a long way in keeping hearts and minds calm.

We’re so grateful for all of you, friends.  One of our greatest joys in this business is to talk with you by phone, online or in person.  Thank you for your support and encouragement. We sincerely wish you and your families a sweet, peaceful and joy-filled Christmas and New Year. We are all so truly blessed.

Ronnie and Debbie

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  • May Belle Reibsamen on

    This is also my first time to see your blog. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Thank you for letting Jesus Christ work in and through you. I’m praying for you, for Karen, and other friends in similar situations. Hugs and love!

  • Patricia Crissman on

    This is the first time I’ve seen your blog. Sending prayers of hope and love for the coming year…………..

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