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Choices are a part of life. Some are easy, some not...

Having never had skin issues before, I was shocked a few years ago when I developed a chronic itchy rash. After going to four dermatologists and consulting often with a nutritionist, I have learned a few things...

What I eat matters.

What I put on my skin matters.

My choices make a difference.

Before we ever made our first product, we did a lot of research. The process was daunting. There were so many decisions to make.  At the end of the day, we arrived at one definite conclusion.  We could not add Pure Lavender Essential Oil to a toxic laden concoction and sell it. Although our cost would be more, we would use natural and organic ingredients as much as possible.

We researched and experimented with preservatives. Should we use natural or synthetic?  There are varying opinions about this, but we decided it was safest to go with a synthetic.  The best shelf life of a natural preservative is 3-6 months. The risk of bacteria developing would be greater.

Many preservatives used in the cosmetic industry can cause skin irritations, cancer, birth defects, disorders and allergies. We choose to use only those that are proven safe. No parabens. No sulfates. No BHT. No BHA. No gluten.

Synthetic fragrances are often found in bath products. More than 95% of the chemicals in these fragrances are derived from petroleum!!  The toxins can cause multiple health issues, especially when absorbed in the skin. Sometimes the word fragrance is left off the ingredient label under the guise trade secret. Beware of unnatural fragrances!  We choose to use only Pure Therapeutic Lavender Essential Oil which is laden with natural benefits...not toxins.

I am still learning how to make good choices in treating my skin well inwardly and outwardly. My own issues have made a major impact on the choices we make in our business.  As we continue to add more products, we want to make you a promise.  Everything we offer will be as natural and safe as possible...we will not sell anything we wouldn't use.  We choose quality.

Wishing you wisdom in choices...

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