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Challenges & Blessings

Early Spring at the farm brought days and days of rain.  Once again, we faced the challenges of unpredictable weather which farmers have been dealing with since the beginning of time.   Our planned days of planting had to be delayed for weeks.  Sadly, some of our transfers didn’t survive the wait.

When the ground was finally dry enough, we placed the young plants in the soil.  Some of the planting coincided with the early harvesting of Munstead and Hidcote.  Planting. Harvesting. Making products. Selling.  And more. All at once.  Oh my goodness!  This was definitely not our plan! 

But here it is almost August and we have survived!  We have harvested most of our lavender now.  We aren’t planting anymore until fall.  Although we are still busy, life has slowed down just a bit. 

We are continuing to be vendors on Friday mornings at the Stuart Farmer’s Market.  This has been an extremely rewarding experience.  We’ve enjoyed meeting so many interesting people….locals and tourists as well. The other vendors are a great bunch of hard working farmers and crafters.  We have learned so much from them!  Fridays are also a wonderful opportunity for us to purchase fresh produce, eggs, meats and more!

Last month we were thankful to have an opportunity to teach a class on lavender at the Reynolds Homestead.  It was a lot of fun interacting with other lavender lovers!  The results were many new customers and a surprise feature in the Martinsville newspaper!  If you missed the article, you can find it copied in our blog posts.

We plan to offer more culinary lavender and sachets in the near future. After much effort, a more efficient way to remove buds from stems will hopefully be realized.

We are truly grateful for you all.  Recently, we made a positive change for our online customers.  All orders $49 and over now receive free shipping in the USA!  We hope this will be a blessing to you.  Also, we occasionally offer special deals just for those who have signed up for email updates on our website.  It’s our way of letting you know we appreciate you.  Sign up if you haven’t already!

We’ve had a FEW challenges these past several months, but we’ve had MANY blessings.  God’s continuing presence and care. Family and friends.   Loyal customers.  New customers.  Opportunities to grow. New experiences.  We are so grateful!!
May your challenges be few and your blessings many…

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