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A Year of Hope and Joy

Lavender farm new year

As the door closes on 2016, we glance over our shoulders and catch the highlights of the past. It was a good year for us. Not perfect. But, still very good. Our daughter's wedding in the spring yielded so much joy and a wonderful new son-in-law. Our lavender plants grew, as did our new business. Ministry opportunities came from unexpected sources. Ronnie had open doors to preach God's Word. New faces. New places. Visits with old and beloved friends and family were plentiful and sweet.

The year challenged us at times; it also cast us further into the exciting world of day-by-day faith living. We reveled in our surroundings. Rejoiced in the moments. Prayed together in life's difficulties for ourselves and those we love.

2017 lies before us as a blank slate. The pages will be written moment by moment according to our Maker and choices made. It is sure to be a year of joys and sorrows...because life is always a blend of these. No matter what happens, we are hopeful for the future. Every day is a gift!

We have plans to expand our product line and our farm as as we continue to minister through Joy Lavender and Ronnie's preaching opportunities. The possibilities are exciting! With Christ as our center, we yearn for growth and evidence of God doing a work through us that only He can do. The mundane can be exhilarating when the miraculous is a hefty backdrop. Often, when working in our lavender garden, we stop and gaze at the distant mountain tops and give Him praise for placing us in this serene spot of beauty. 

This coming year, instead of worrying about what the future holds, we choose to be in wonder of the sweet surprises yet to be uncovered. Living life richly with expectation. Watching for His hand in our lives. Taking the risk when we have a clear word from Him. Never giving up. We choose to be hopeful. To live with joy.

Hope is a beautiful thing. With it all things are possible. The worst day in your life still has a slim but clear silver lining. We live in hope because we trust in the only One who has conquered it all. Jesus Christ our Savior.

Wishing you all a year of hope and joy....

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