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A Time of Pruning

We worked as a team. Ronnie used the hedge trimmer to cut several inches off the lush green stems and shape into pretty mounds. I came behind him with my clippers to thin out some of the thick growth so the dense plants wouldn't trap moisture and the tiny green leaves deep inside the shrub could get some air.

When I came to one of our struggling shrubs I knew they needed more in-depth surgery. Carefully spreading the brown stems open with my hands, I peered into the middle of the plant, looking for any sign of life. I discovered bright green leaves breaking forth from the dead-like wood. I trimmed the stems above the hopeful leaves to allow the sun and air access to the base of the plant.

As we made our way across our garden, examining each plant and cutting according to its individual needs, a Bible passage came to my mind. The Master Gardener, Himself, said these words...

 I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

I pictured God examining my life and taking away the old hurts and habits that had been strongholds. I remembered times when He even took away dreams that seemed so good.  Because He had a better plan that would stretch and grow me in ways I could not imagine.

We trimmed away the dead and useless stems and much of the healthy green leaves and even flowers.  Because we knew the plant's survival and future harvests depended on it.

Lavender requires regular pruning to thrive and produce the optimum amount of flowers during the growing season. Left to grow unchecked the plants will become woody and less attractive. To live the most productive and fruitful lives possible, we also need regular pruning of the harmful...the unnecessary...and even the good.

The pruning process is not easy. We may adjust quickly to small trims, but sometimes the loss is great. We're cut to the core and our very existence seems uncertain. But then...into the darkness...God lovingly shines His light and breathes fresh air into our souls and ever so slowly a new sign of life begins to emerge...

Wishing you all new growth and fresh fruit...

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  • kathy collins on

    i posted a note about using your products on your mom for some reason it said my husbands name just wanted to clear that up name is kathy

  • allen owens on

    love your products i use them with your mom she loves them,And speaks so much about them said it helps her rest at night. cant wait to order me some of the products, I think i will spurge on my self for the hoildays and get a basket

  • Debbie on

    Yes, He does, Alease. Glad you found our blog…..

  • ALease DEJarnette on

    I didn’t know you had a blog. I enjoyed reading about pruning. I’m so thankful the Lord prunes me, too. He loves us enough to care.

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